Rumor Has It!

rumor has it

Hi dear readers!
Thought I was done with my ramblings from some of my previous posts? Not yet. If I start to talk about some things my eyes see and my ears hear, I’d probably go on till infinity. Rumor has it that somebody are really fond of spreading rumors.

Another problem I think this generation has is the problem of rumors; starting, enlarging and sharing. Yes, I believe there are three processes involved in the rumor issue. The first which is the conceiving or starting state of a rumor. A person could probably make a harmless remark about someone or something which could be taken or understood as something else to another person.

Lady A could say “Tom and Lydia would make a great couple.” Surely that’s just a remark which Lady B could assume to be ‘Tom and Lydia are a couple’, this which neither Tom or Lydia know about and if either of them happen to hear the rumor and gets offended, Lady B who heard the root statement would point out Lady A as the source which Lady A would deny. Thus the rumor has been spread but by who?

I find it very offending when I hear some rumors that are just incredulous. Like I think to myself ‘Who thought of this?’. It’s one thing to make a joke out of a topic but rumor sharing is just so wrong.

Rumors lead to insecurity and lack of trust. It could lead to cyber bullying too. When a rumor starts to trend without people verifying it, the victim the rumor is about could be bullied too. And one of the fastest ways for information to spread is online. So a victim gets bullied over a matter that is not even true. How awful can that be? The worst part of it is years after the event, references could still be made to it.

A couple of years back, a friend of mine cracked a joke about how proud a certain girl could be which was actually hilarious. However, another girl overheard and soon the rumor started spreading when in fact it was a joke. It got so bad that the girl the rumor was about could not walk during school hours without having the feeling that someone was talking about her being proud at that moment. However, she had to change schools which brought a bit of relief for her.

Another time, a couple of students in my new secondary school went for a party and guys being guys, a rumor was started about a girl who was present at the party that did something that was not okay. People started spreading the rumor, judging the girl in question who actually was not even present at the party! Like what is wrong with some people?

Just don’t talk if you know you can’t bear the consequence of what you’re about to say. Rumors can lead to something else. Verify before you share. Make sure the source of the information is a reliable and truthful one. Dunno if I’m just rambling but really, some things are just not right.

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