Trip Around Ibadan x Casual Outfit

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to witness the post for January 7.

Sometime in December, I had the first experience of street photography. One of my mentors Seyi Owolabi of Studio Innovante was given the work of showing the African culture through photography. He asked me to come along and help because I am familiar with the Ibadan environs and he needed a guide. Being the curious and adventurous person I am, I wasn’t gonna let it pass me by 🙂

We first journeyed to the market closest to Ui and took pictures of trading activities there. Then we went to the Cultural Center where we took pictures of the wall mosaic, hallways and things of other interests. The official pictures are not available to me but if I do get them, I’ll post them here.


cultural centre ibadan

Trip Around Ibadan x Casual Outfit

We journeyed to the great Mapo Hall and walked into the Oja Oba market where we took pictures and spoke to some of the market people there. These pictures were taken at Culture Centre Ibadan. The trip ended at the renowned Sky Lolo, one of the best joints for amala in Ibadan.

Art is a really beautiful thing and the Nigerian culture is so rich in art. You really should explore. By the way, I was in a fix that morning and didn’t know what to wear so I threw on a black cross top, black jeans and I wore a shirt with black flats. Basic fix for a fashion fix. I look dapper eh?


Photo credit goes to Seyi Owolabi. You should follow him on Instagram Sheystics
Thank you!



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