King of Boys Review and How Kemi Adetiba Delivered

On seeing the trailer for The King of Boys in October, I honestly did not expect much from it because it was a Nigerian movie. Although I am Nigerian and a writer, our films can some times be heavily flawed. From weak movie plots to direction to actors not exactly fit for the roles they play. Saw King of Boys two weeks back and I just had to write a King of Boys review and how Kemi Adetiba delivered excellently.

The Wedding Party was the rave of the moment back then. I saw it in the third week it started showing at the cinemas and enjoyed every bit of it. This was the first film directed by Kemi Adetiba. I had to do a little bit of research about her and discovered she studied at the New York Film Academy after establishing herself in the media scene, no doubt a lady who knew her business. Kemi Adetiba as a producer, director and producer is a trailblazer in the Nigerian movie industry with her quality direction and storytelling. King of Boys still sits at the top of Nigerian movies in the cinema for five weeks now, raking in 160 million and passing the record for her first movie The Wedding Party.

King of Boys follows the story of Eniola Salami played by Sola Sobowale; a business woman, philanthropist who is also the kingpin of the underworld whose political ambition goes awry. Although there have been different opinions on the movie on social media, I saw mostly good reviews before I saw the movie and I was honestly hooked from the first scene of the approximately three hours movie. At first, I had been appalled when I saw the length of the movie. How could anyone possibly sit for so long for just one movie? Armed with popcorn and a drink, I found myself in Filmhouse Cinema Surulere screen 3 and so it began. I walked out of the cinema past 9 o’clock and could not get over how great the movie was.

king of boys review

The Casting and Acting

There is truly no one that could have killed Eniola Salami’s role like Sola Sobowale. From the birthday party scene, she was magnificent and such a natural. Her acting was comparable to that of The Wedding Party in which she plays the bride’s mother. She brought life to the role of The King of Boys. Her switch from gangster leader to emotional mother was simply beautiful. From being ruthless to breaking down in the prison cell, Sola deserve awards for her role in this movie.

Making their first acting debuts, the Nigerian rappers Reminisce and Ill Bliss captured their roles as well. I was skeptical about them delivering as acting is a different ball game from music but they did. Apparently, it took almost 8 months to convince Reminisce to play the role he did because of his work but Kemi was determined that she wanted no other person for that role. Damn! Like I said earlier, a lady that knows her stuff. On showing up to the movie shoot and seeing Sola Sobowale at work, Reminisce felt he could not match her energy. Reminisce as Makanaki makes being a bad guy look so good. That may have been his first movie role but he killed it. Looking forward to seeing him in more movie roles.

Photographer turned actress Toni Tones aced the role of a younger Eniola. Apparently, she had to add weight plus deliberately make her voice huskier for the role. If you ask me, it worked well. While I really want to say Adesua Etomi did a great job in the movie, her acting in this particular movie was just there.

Another character whose acting I really find commendable is Paul Sambo who plays Inspector Gobir. He deserves an award for his role as he was actively on his feet and yet dishing out emotions in his hospital scenes. He brought the Hausa flavor into the movie and totally blended it well into the Lagos based story-line.

I should mention it at this point that I may be developing a crush on the actor Demola Adedoyin who plays Eniola’s son in the movie. His role was cool, calm and collected, yet he delivered. He is a great actor too and so fineeee! I did not get why his character had to commit suicide though.

The Story-line and Plot

King of Boys starts with a birthday party scene obviously thrown by someone of affluence. Not only did Kemi Adetiba direct this movie, she also wrote the script. A what? A genius! I particularly loved the fact that the script had a different story, one not popularly approached by writers. Set in Lagos and covering several issues including crime, religion, siblings rivalry, politics and corruption in the system, the story-line was everything. The ending also leaves room for more as there is a what next feel attached to Eniola still being the King of Boys even after fleeing Nigeria.

From the part Makanaki challenges Eniola for her throne, I was anticipating what the next scene would bring. Most Nollywood movies are terrible in the sense that their ending is predictable right from the second scene. The plot was fast paced and there was no unnecessary drag popular with other movies. The flashback tool employed in showing young Eniola’s rise as the King of Boys perfectly blends with the present without leaving the audience confused. The problems associated with infidelity comes up in Chief Salami courting young Eniola as he loses not only his family but his life and consequently, seat at the table. There are a lot of lessons to derive from the movie.

Did I mention how mind-blowing the African proverbs and traditional references were? They were indeed something.

The Cinematography

I foresee an award for this movie in cinematography and direction because it was simply great. Both the angles and the setup of the scenes. The burning prison scene had me gasping. Expected actual fire but the lighting and smoke effect worked as well. I feel like there really is no other way the movie could have been better shot. I love the picture quality of the movie and it was topnotch.

Popular Nigerian musician KWAM1 makes a cameo in this movie at the beginning birthday scene and it promptly reminded me of his music which was a key feature of growing up in Nigeria. From the Lagos landscapes to hiding money in septic tanks to the costumes to the underworld portrayal, Kemi captured Nigerian lifestyle very well. Most movies do not capture night scenes well but this was not a problem in King of Boys at all.

The Flaws

There was an unexplained part with the judge’s family kidnapping. I still do not understand that part and the phone call Kemi made. The soundtrack was louder than the actors voices in some scenes, especially the birthday party scene. Sincerely, the story could have been a little bit more polished. The ending shows the ruthless kingpin turning weak when it came to fighting for respect in her own establishment when a worker gets harassed. Feminism could have been a strong point to make here. For a movie that started off showing how powerful the main character is, that move was awkward.

In conclusion, Kemi Adetiba no doubt did excellently on King of Boys and her work is laudable. To take on a project like that and create magic with the right cast and team is not easy especially in Nollywood. She is someone I would really love to sit and converse with. Could learn a lot from her and tap into her creativity.

If you are yet to see this movie, you really should and come compare notes. If you have seen it, do drop a comment below on what you think about it. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. Cheers!

p.s I realized this post passed the 1300 words count and that is a first this year. Pheww! Also, you may notice the Guide to Getting Over Parents Separation and Friday Fiction posts are missing on the blog, this is due to a mistake I recently made and sadly, they cannot be recovered. I am really sorry about that.

Living – Life After Graduation and Adulthood

Looking at the blog post calendar today, I realized how much time had passed since my last blog post. I was shocked, considering the fact that one of my new year resolutions is to post more this year. But really, navigating life after graduation and adulthood at the same time is not easy as I thought it would be.

There really isn’t a survival guide to this adulthood thing. If you happen to know someone who is a boss at it, kindly recommend so I can hit them up and learn too.

Read The Big Deal About Growing Up

What have I been up to? I obeyed the clarion call for National Youth Service in April and it has been a whirlwind since then. From moving to South-South Nigeria and having to adjust to a totally different environment from my beloved Ibadan. Language was a barrier and I was honestly not ready to learn. They have fairly different food too. I taught at a secondary school for about a month. It was a good experience I tell you. Just the disappointment that came from how little the interest students have in education these days, stemming from the fact that so many illegal things are paying big money these days.

I saw some of them wondering why they should go to school when they can become politicians and steal from the country. Needless say, their performance academically were majorly woeful. Majority of them in school could not even read nor write but yet, the school keeps them just for financial gains.

Anyway, I had to redeploy back to Lagos following an attack on our corper’s lodge by armed men. They were arrested after the incident but I could not wait around without guaranteed security. Moving back to Lagos has been blissful to an extent although finding a new workplace was a big problem.

It is dawning on me now the stress that comes with growing up – making decisions yourself, responsibilities, bills and having to work. The year practically sped by. Just a couple of months ago I was dealing with final year project and it seems like it was so long ago.

Read Birthday: Chronicles of the Twenties

Turning the big twenty one on Monday August 6! I have been posting a black and white photo series on Instagram which you can find right here . Follow me and check the series out. Each photograph is accompanied with a note about life. Why black and white? In black and white photographs, colors no longer distract and you can focus on the subject(s) of the photograph as well as emphasize emotions and details, establishing a stronger connection which might not occur in colored photographs.

playground media

I have quite a number of things planned out for the new birthday year and hope to share more on this blog. The first blog post went up December 2014, which means the blog turns 4 later this year. Not much to show for it as I have to admit, I have not been putting much work into creating content consistently.

On balancing friendships and relations, I am pretty much following the rule of reaching out when I can to those who really want to be a part of my life. I feel I have reached that point where I really don’t have to force friendships or remind people how to be friends. A close circle of people I care about would pretty much do it for me. Can you relate?

I do hope you’re living your best life and smiling wide. Keep it in mind that things could be worse and we all just have to be thankful. There is still so much that can still happen this year. How has life been so far for you? Do share below and your thoughts about this post.

Five Lana Del Rey Tracks Currently On My Playlist

Hellooooooo from the other side.
Happy new month folks! Suddenly it is the last quarter of the year. How do you do today? Very well I hope. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing five Lana Del Rey Tracks currently on my playlist. If you’re new here, welcome! Regular readers, big shout out to you. Please have a seat as this is about to be a cool ride.

I have been away for some days due to health issues. As some of you might know, school is currently on hold as the Academic Staff Union of Universities have embarked on another strike action. Been utilizing the extra break in resting, more work and completing my project. How did you enjoy the long Sallah weekend? Spent mine with the extended family. It’s amazing how being with them can bring so much joy.

So I discovered Lana Del Rey back in 2014 when updating my playlist from a friend’s. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant known as Lana Del Rey is an American singer and songwriter. She’s a graduate of Philosophy combined with Metaphysics. I got three Lana tracks then and decided to give her music a shot. The first thing I thought on playing the first track was why is she singing so sadly?

My love for her has since been fluctuating since, as some tracks are relatable and others have you wondering what’s going on. The beauty of Lana’s music is the way her satire voice convey different messages. She has about five studio albums and other EPs but my favorite is Born To Die from 2012. Let’s get to the five tracks currently on my playlist.

1. Carmen

Carmen tells the story of a girl struggling to make it in New York. So many envy her without really knowing what she’s going through. She doesn’t want them to be like her as she thinks she’s dying in that life, possibly depressed too. She drowns her sorrow and shame with alcohol. It is quite similar to Ed Sheeran’s A Team but from a different point of view. The inspiration for the song apparently came to her one night when she was out walking late on the streets of New York.

2. Love

This track is off the Lust for Life album dropped this year and talks about being young, free and in love. Truth be said, Lana’s voice is too amazing in this track. She hits this note in the chorus that’d have you clutching your chest. I am listening to it as I am typing this post. In love yet?

3. Young and Beautiful

This track featured on my Valentine playlist and it’s still as cool as ever. It talks love which goes beyond being young and beautiful. Lana sings about an eternal love and her assurance in knowing her lover will love her till then.

4. Blue Velvet

One of the many songs I can sing perfectly from beginning to the end. Doubt me? Signify in the comments and I might just surprise you. The song is short but talks about a fierce, confident girl in blue velvet and how Lana sees herself in her. The violin on this track though. Just perfect!

5. Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise is a fast beat track in which Lana sings about a relationship in which she’s utterly smitten but the fears of being left alone is prominent.

There you have them! What tracks have you been jamming lately? Leave a comment below.

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Valentine’s Day Music Playlist

St. Valentine’s Day is fast creeping up on us and if you’re single like myself, one of the best ways to celebrate love as the essence of the day is, is to chill by yourself or friends. Now Valentine’s Day won’t be complete without music right? Thought I’d share songs that would make Valentine’s Day lovely. In no particular order, this mix of Naija and international tracks will get you started on a great note.

1. Whitney Houston – will always love you. A timeless track from way back. Although it is tending towards break up, who doesn’t like a song promising to always love you?

2. Beyonce – love on top. Ladies get in here! Want your guy blushing from ear to ear? This song is so sweet it came with Blue Ivy’s pregnancy announcement.

3. Bruno Mars – just the way you are. Dear future husband, take note that I’d love to be proposed to with this song. Thank you! This song is bound to make any girl’s heart melt. The lyrics are beautiful and Bruno’s voice is amazing!

4. Jon Bellion – simple and sweet This one is for the slightly naughty lover. A guy describing you as simple and sweet? Romantic.

jon bellion simple and sweet

5. Wande Coal – ololufe. This song deserves gold really. It is beautiful and well done in Yoruba language.

6. Tjan – Aduke. One of my favorite sings from 2016. Future husband, take note again. Love really is beautiful when you’re with that one person that makes your heart tick.

7. Timi Dakolo – iyawo mi. This song is so lovely my mum made it her ringtone for over a month. It is a heart felt song written by Timi for his wife.

8. Proof – shy. When a guy sings about a really shy girl he likes, you best believe it’s a heart warmer. Although he’s an upcoming act, he’s one to look out for.

proof ft toun banjo shy

9. Mystro – awele. Quite similar to Tjan’s Aduke but Mystro’s voice has this different appeal to it. See my weakness lies right there in your smile? Oh my.

10. Selena Gomez – hands to myself. This is a personal favorite of mine. Have you ever been in love that you can’t stop touching or holding your beloved? I know I have. This is the perfect song that portrays that feeling.

11. Justin Bieber – company. Guys get in here, yet to scope that chick? Slide in with this song. Can we keep each other company? You bet we can.

12. Psquare – no one be like you. A track from back in 2003 but it is quite romantic too. Perfect for a guy who wants his girl to know no one is like her.

13. Jason Derulo – IT girl. Yet another personal favorite. I fell in love with this song about the time I first discovered Jason Derulo. It’s quite a lovely song talking about that IT girl, how crazy it is they met and how he wants to put her in the spotlight.

14. Taylor Swift – wildest dreams. Apparently, Taylor sampled her own heart beat on this song. That is, the tempo was based on the rate her heart beats. Amazing right? Still waiting for the guy I’d sing this song for.

15. Chris Brown – with you. This song is from way back in 2006 I think but it was a groovy love song. If you want no one else and really want to be with the one you love, hit her/him with this song.

16. Asa – be my man. One great track for the ladies from the great Asa herself asking a guy to be her man. You know what’s up when this happens.

17. Bruno Mars – marry you. This song had me teary eyed the first time I heard it. Ready to pop the question? This song by Bruno is great for a proposal.

18.James Arthur – won’t let go. I stumbled on James Arthur late last year and this is his first track I heard. Beautiful is an understatement of what this song is *brings out handkerchief*

james arthur won't let go

19. August Alsina ft Nicki Minaj – no love. When two rappers come together with the aim of making good love music, you can only expect magic. Nicki and August killed this track.

20. Ariana Grande – so into you. She released this track last year and I have to say I was quite surprised Ariana could drop a vibey love song as hot as this.

21. The Weeknd – can’t feel my face. This track tells about not feeling your face or being yourself when with that one person. The Weekend changed his look last year and this track has a cool feel to it.

22. Charlie Puth – one call away. Charlie came into major limelight last year and this song is my favorite off his last album. Get it if you don’t have it already.

charlie puth one call away

23. Childish Gambino – 3005. Childish Gambino is one of my favorite rappers and he put a great spin on love in this track which talks about loving a girl till 3005 regardless of what she does.

24. Demi Lovato – give your heart a break. Dear ladies, is your lover one that has been hurt so many times? How best to reassure him you’ll be different with a song? This track covers that.

25. Drake – best I ever had. Drake’s ditzy voice singing and rapping about a girl being the best he ever had? Definitely a song to get a girl.

26. Ed Sheeran – Tenerife sea. If Ed’s voice doesn’t do something to your heart, I really don’t know what to say. Tenerife sea speaks volume about a girl and how he’s so in love.

27. John Legend – you and I. Yet another track John dedicated to his wife Chrissy. They are totally couple goals and every one deserves that one person that makes them feel great.

28. Kat Dahlia – I think I’m in love. Heard this song in an Instagram video and I had to just download it immediately. The little sister loves it too and it talks bout being in love again especially when you thought you couldn’t.

29. Labrinth ft Emeli Sande – deep beneath your beautiful. Labrinth is such an amazing male artist. One of the few that understand rudiments of music. This combo with Emeli Sande is too beautiful.

labrinth ft emeli sande deep beneath your beautiful

30. Meghan Trainor – dear future husband. Funny song but it gives a hint into what we girls want from the guys especially one we have plans of marrying if you know what I mean.

31. Owl City – can’t live without you. Owl City is so underrated. This guys should be paid more attention for real. His voice is magical.

32. R City ft Adam Levine – locked away. Okay prior to this song, I didn’t know who R City was and bad enough, I didn’t know they were two lol. How many people can love unconditionally regardless of what the situation on ground is? If your loved one gets locked away, would you still love them?

33. Rita Ora – poison. Oh Rita, thy did kill this track. Hehehe some type of love you shouldn’t have but you can’t stay away, making them like poison.

Rita Ora poison

34. Skrillex – cinema. Skrillex is a fantastic DJ. Please listen to this song with headphones so you don’t miss any of the electronic effects. So good and lovely!

35. Tove Lo – not on drugs. One thing I’m fond of doing as I stated here is Googling stuffs. Sometimes I hear lyrics from songs and search for them. Not on drugs happens to be one. I thought it was Selena Gomez that sang it. It is so good I had download immediately.

36. The Chainsmokers ft Halsey – closer. This song is a favorite from 2016. The Chainsmokers really stunned me and the music video makes the song even lovelier.

Chainsmokers Halsey Closer

37. 5 Seconds of Summer – she looks so perfect. Can’t choose my favorite between One Direction and this band. Young boys singing about love? Yes please.

38. Adam Lambert – better than I know myself. Went on a downloading spree last year and I happened to download a couple of Adam’s songs. I particularly liked his “Whaddaya want from me” so I wasn’t disappointed. This song is indeed lovely.

39. ASAP Rocky – fashion killa. My third celebrity crush. The tempo, beat and lyrics of this song will have the fashionista girlfriend putting it on repeat.

40. Becky G – shower. Yet another by a teenage female rapper for the guys. Do you like singing in the shower? Is there someone making you sing in the shower? Lol download this song.

41. Big Time Rush – boyfriend. You probably know this band from the Nickelodeon tv series. They said you’re looking for a boyfriend? I see that. Give me time to know I’m gonna be there. Guys you know what’s up.

42. Boys Like Girls – be your everything. Quite an odd name for a band you think? You’d be surprised at how amazing they sing. This song is a love track you’d love.

boys like girls br your everything

43. Ellie Goulding – how long will I love you. Dear girls, if you’re looking into spending eternity with Uncle Boo, this song got you with Ellie’s captivating voice.

44. Maroon 5 – love somebody. This band has been producing great music since way back. Adam Levine’s voice is amaaazing. If you really wanna love somebody and you’re halfway there, this song will take you all the way.

45. MKTO – classic. Not exactly a popular band but you should hear this song if you think your loved one is a classic.

46. OMI ft Felix Jaehn – cheerleader. Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader. We all know the role cheerleaders play in a game, a source of motivation.

47. One Direction – perfect. For those girls that are insecure about how they feel, this song will help the guys warm their hearts.

one direction perfect

48. Parker Ighile – so beautiful. Not a popular track and Parker is an underrated artist too but how best to tell a girl she’s beautiful and perfect? Gosh! He got the words on point.

49. Trey Songz – simply amazing. This is the best love song of 2015. I loveeee it! Two years after its release and it still makes me smile and blush. When a guy is in love with every bit of a girl and puts it in a song, expect magic.

50. Zayn Malik – pillowtalk. My celebrity crush! So Zayn broke away from One Direction last year and this track dropped. Wheeee! It’s hot hot hot.

love quotes

There you go! My recommended Valentine’s Day Music Playlist. There is more where these come from but these 50 should make your Valentine’s Day and every other day lit. What song on this list is your favorite? Which other track(s) do you love and think should be on this list? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about the post?

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7 Reasons You Don’t Need Friends

reasons you don't need friends

Hi readers!
How are you today? Don’t get it twisted. This is a not-so-serious post so don’t take the points to heart. There are more than 7 reasons you don’t need friends but there are hundreds of reasons you just might need friends. Let’s get counting.

1. Friends can be quite annoying. Ever had one of those friends that only call up when they need help? Ugh! It’s better to be without friends than have friends that hang on like leeches or annoy you a lot of times with their attitude. Some friends will put you down in front of others just so they can seem like good people.

2. Friendship can require sacrifices, sacrifices that might be complex. As much as having friends can be fun, there are some situations that might require you making sacrifices that are extreme. Imagine having a friend that requires something and you have what he/she needs but you’re not in the best situation to help. Having friends can require sacrificing what you don’t have even your time, money, energy and others.

3. Having friends require you to open up. Opening yourself up to friends could be risky as friends could harm you intentionally or not and divulge your secrets to others. Imagine walking into a place and everyone is staring at you, laughing at how you wore the same bra two days in a row because your blabber mouth friend told them or another embarrassing situation. The horror! It is easy to get hurt when you have friends.

reasons you don't need friends

4. Having friends could be a form of responsibility. Having a friend means you have to care for the friend and be there for the friend whenever he or she needs you. You’d have to check up on them and the sort. I have had cause to spend hours in the clinic with a friend who was sick. Not that I didn’t want to be there but imagine if I had 10 friends and at least two fall sick every other week or something. How tiring would that be.

5. Having friends mean you have to pay attention to things and remember more. Birthdays, anniversaries and other important details. If you happen to have more than one friend, imagine the amount of details you need to keep in mind to avoid arguments or disappointing your friends. You’d probably have to get a planner or journal for your friends.

6. Bad advice. Some friends are just the perfect source of bad advice and opinions. Friends can give bad advice out of ignorance or plain jealousy even in the name of helping you. Friends can kill your morale, self-esteem and dreams. Ever watched the movie The Duff? It is hilarious. The girl that the movie centers around was the worst dressed in her clique of friends yet none of them could tell her.

reasons you don't need friends

7. Friends can be self-centered. There’s this statement African parents make about friends that are just friends with you by mouth. That is, they call themselves your friends and yet hardly add any value to your life. You practically tag behind them and help them with everything while you’re like stagnant. Friends should be your biggest fans! However you are always your biggest fan so if you decide to go with the reasons you don’t need friends, you will still go far.

As I stated earlier, there are reasons to have friends and reasons you don’t need friends, consider each of the factors and choose which would be better for you as an individual. Not having friends means missing out on some of life’s wonderful moments and all.

Those are some of the reasons you don’t need friends but would you rather not have friends, keep your circle small or open yourself to the risks that come with having friends? Which of the points above can you relate to? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Addiction To Carbonated Drinks: Update

Orijin zero addiction to carbonated drinks

It has been over 15 days since I challenged myself here to reduce my intake of sugar and I am somewhat glad to annouce that I was able to go for more than 10 days without drinking carbonated drinks. The days when I relapsed was a result of the hot weather and boredom.

I thought I’d need divine intervention when I started the challenge of breaking my addiction to carbonated drinks but noooo. Thank you for your supportive comments. I really do appreciate. First day of the first week of the challenge, I stumbled on Orijin Zero which is the non-alcoholic version of Orijin™ (Free advert lol. By the way you can advertise on this blog. Check here for details). It tastes like sugared herbs and has less amount of sugar unlike other carbonated drinks. It’s not bad at all but for a sugar addict like me, I had to squeeze face that day. For the rest of the week, I had a bottle of water. But on Saturday, I had Coca Cola at The Colours and Grey forum. Was almost done with the drink when I remembered I wasn’t supposed to have any. Chai! It’s not easy. All of those drinks started to look so much appealing.

I’m glad about how the challenge has been and I’m going on 15 days more. This time, I’ll stick strictly to water. So help me God! Heaven helps those who help themselves they say.

By the way, new look who’s this? I haven’t posted about my hair in months! Let’s just say I’m not exactly proud of it. If you follow me on Snapchat (@mystique_dammy), you probably saw it already.

African hair threading

I had the traditional threading style made by House of Naturals (@houseofnaturals) in a bid to stretch my hair out. Reminds me of secondary school days lol. It is one of the best protective styles to straighten your hair without heat you know. Ever tried this before?

How did your weekend go? Sugarholics how are you faring? Let’s talk below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedbacks and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Comment below.

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Thirty Days Of Gratitude

Hi readers!
How are you today? Good I hope. I intended to put up this post since September when I first saw it on my friend Olumuyiwa Boluwatife’s Instagram page but I was not in the best state to be grateful. Quite silly of me! There isn’t any reason why not to be grateful. Existing is enough reason to be grateful. I got this pictorial guide and thirty questions were asked which provided thirty things to be grateful for. You should participate in this thirty days of gratitude challenge and see the thirty things you should be grateful for. Bloggers in the house, try this out!

thirty days of gratitude

1. The smell of food. The heavenly smell of fried plantain will probably have me feeling eternally grateful for food.

2. Mobile phone, camera and vehicles. I can’t imagine having to walk from my home to work, not having all that my phone provides and not being able to capture the wonderful moments a camera allows me to.

3. Colour purple. Such a gorgeous and deep color. Wore purple lipstick everyday earlier this year but I don’t even use lipstick these days. Did you know purple symbolises royalty?

4. I have quite a number of food I’m grateful for but fried rice and peppered chicken tops the list (there’s this spot in Palms Mall, Ring Road, called Mozaya’s restaurant. You have to try their food out. Amazing!), followed by chocolate ice cream and fried plantain.

5. The sound of Jon Bellion’s voice. I have listened to his “The Human Condition” album about 17 times over the past week.

6. Trees. They basically keep us alive and so many artistic inspiration can be derived from them.

7. Grateful for the memory of primary school. Those were the days when my brain was hot and there was little to worry about.

8. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie. I hope to meet her someday and tell her just how her book is loved so much by me.

9. Ibadan City. There is no place like home you know? I’ve seen this city grow from a nowhere to somewhere. The culture and spots here makes it so hard not to love it.

10. The taste of chocolate. How can this taste bring so much happiness to me? It’s incredible.

11. Grateful for Christmas. Basically that time of the year when love and good tidings flow.

12. The texture of cotton. There’s just this nice feel to it that makes it nice to touch.

13. Grateful for my writing ability. I’m glad I find it easy to spin off stories and poems from situations.

14. The sight of family. I’m grateful I get to see my family members everyday happy and fine.

30 days of gratitude

15. Raining season. The smell of the earth after it rains warm my heart plus the sound of the rain is awesome. I used to dance in the rain when I was younger and would still do it if I could.

16. Grateful for every part of my body especially my brain, the power tower of my body.

17. The knowledge of photography and blogging.

18. Quite a tough one. Photography is art though so I appreciate every photo ever taken by any photographer that shows what photography really is.

19. God’s touch in my life.

20. Everyone making me a better person at the moment.

21. Basically the hymn “Nearer my God to thee”. I love the words of the hymn so much.

22. The story of President Obama who had a dream and did accomplish his goals with determination.

23. The marriage tradition of the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria. Quite spectacular.

24. The challenge of being a serial entrepreneur.

25. Around 5pm on October 6 when I got a miracle regarding an issue I was worried about.

26. Photography and writing again.

27. My mobile phone.

28. Heard about an accident that involved two corpers that had passing out parade today but died on their way home. Grateful I’m still alive.

29. My sister and Olanrewaju Nifemi (such a loyal friend).

30. Writing yet again.

There you have it! Thirty things I am super grateful for. What are you grateful for? Comment below! The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

Do tell a friend to tell a friend to check this blog out.

Thanks for stopping ❤

My Near Death Experience

near death experience

Had my life flashing right in front of me sometime last week and funny enough, I didn’t feel scared at all. I just remained calm and waited for whatever was going to happen to happen. The trailer was so close to me and I couldn’t even feel fear. If you’ve ever been or almost been in a car accident, you’d understand these words. This near death experience prompted this post which I hope you’d learn a thing or two from.

I’ve never been scared of dying and it scares people when they talk about death with me and I act like it’s no big deal. They be like “Your family’s gonna be sad” and all that. See, it is a big deal and at the same time, it’s not. After your death, people will cry and miss you. Wish you were there with them to share in the new memories, thinking no one can ever replace you. But guess what? They get over it. Humans are programmed to adjust to whatever new situation they find themselves in.

So if you’re somewhere thinking ‘this person’ cannot do without me, you’re wrong. They will do without you just fine. Someone else will replace you and life will go on. And one day, you’ll be just a memory to them. They might even forget your face or what you look like or how you walk or talk. Then you’d be just a picture or a name to be said occasionally.

Simple truth is death is a passage into oblivion. It might be hard to live with the reality but really, you shouldn’t be scared and should live everyday like it’s your last. We could possibly all have a near death experience and if you do, you’d see what I mean. Do whatever you want to. Get that new haircut. The TV you’ve been eyeing, how about you get it now. Why not start that business you’ve got in mind? Keep your loved ones close because they won’t live twice. See, this moment you’ve got now isn’t gonna come back so live life and be so happy death won’t be one of your problems.

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